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About Chris Cooper

1:1 mentorship saved my business. I shared that process starting with a 200-word blog post, and today my mentorship practice is a 21M worldwide company with a team of 50 professional mentors.

But it’s always been important to me to succeed the right way: without empty promises or slimy sales tricks.

Scaling from a tiny gym business to one of the largest mentorship practices in the world meant developing simple systems that could be taught easily to others. But building a movement requires leading by example, and showing people that business isn’t evil; that building wealth doesn’t require taking it from others; and that creating value lifts us all.

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You can build a big business without building a bad business. Start with a noble purpose; deliver value with fairness; and stay away from slimy shortcuts. Most importantly, surround yourselves with others committed to doing the same! This is a free group for those committed to growing their wealth and serving others at the same time.

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