What we’re about.

The B.i.G.

We want to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge and confidence to build big businesses while making the world better.

Entrepreneurs elevate our world by creating value for others.

More than anyone else, entrepreneurs build our economies, create meaning for others, and support the infrastructure that keeps us safe. Open markets and capitalism are the best hedge our culture has against war, starvation and anarchy.

The entrepreneurial skill set is diverse and fluid. Leadership, persuasion and influence; the creation of value and the delivery of service; empathy and charity are all skills that are refined through exploration and connection.

The more uncertain our future, the more valuable these skills become—but they are rarely addressed by our industrial-age education system.

As kids, most of our cultural influences taught us that money was the root of all evil. But money is simply a tool—in the right hands, it can do profound good.
True wealth means abundance. Successful, caring entrepreneurs will reinvest what they’ve earned into their communities through donation, education and mentorship. Our mission is to provide an example of all three.

Chris Cooper

Two Brain Business Founder

Chris Cooper believes hard-working business owners are the heart and soul of the economy,
and he’s dedicated his life to supporting them through mentorship. His goal: help 1 million
entrepreneurs find success.

After starting Two-Brain Business on Feb. 13, 2016, Chris built a multi-million-dollar mentorship practice with hundreds of clients all over the world. The businesses these clients own consistently grow faster and outperform their peers by a wide margin because of one-on-one guidance delivered by certified Two-Brain mentors.

Chris owns several other businesses, including a gym and a self-storage facility. He’s the author of dozens of ebooks and six other books, including “Gym Owners Handbook,” “Start a Gym” and “Two-Brain Business”—the best-selling fitness business book of all time.
Chris is a prolific blogger and sought-after speaker, both in person and online.

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