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Taryn Dubreuil of Perfect Day Business Mentorship

Taryn is an experienced business mentor, and she’s worked with a lot of small businesses.

Based in Yorkton, SK, Taryn started a gym to pursue her CrossFit passion. Like many of us, she quickly realized that her job skills didn’t translate into ownership skills. She sought a mentor and turned her gym around.

But during that process, she began sharing her lessons with other entrepreneurs (as I did.) That unlocked a new passion for coaching small businesses to help them avoid the mistakes she made…and scale up faster.

Taryn’s in a unique position: she’s a popular mentor in my mentorship practice for gyms, AND she’s successfully opened her own practice to help other types of businesses. Many have tried to do it, but Taryn is successful. In this episode, you’ll see why.

The Simplest Business Plan For 2024

In a lecture to Entrepreneurship students at a local university this month, I shared a simple business plan that you can use in a week to launch a business, and continue to use for years. Here’s the basic model: In

Specialists Work for Generalists

Starting your own company often means wearing many hats and mastering a wide array of skills. When I founded my first business, a gym, I had to be adept at various tasks from entering daily sales to ensuring a clean and welcoming environment for my clients. While I considered myself an A-level trainer, my skills in other areas, like bookkeeping and cleaning, were decidedly less polished. I quickly learned that entrepreneurship demands generalist abilities—you can’t just be an expert at your service, whether it’s personal training, hair styling, or driving a cab; you need to have a competent understanding of all aspects of the business.

However, as the business expands and staff are brought on board, a shift occurs. You’re no longer looking for jack-of-all-trades. Instead, you seek out specialists—individuals who excel in a singular field. This is evident in any large company, where specialists are often employed by generalists. The key is understanding when to bring in these specialists to fill roles you are less adept at handling.

How to Reboot Your Business

What do you do when your system crashes, or gets really slow, or spins around when doing normal tasks? You reboot it. You clear the memory and start from scratch. When you reboot a computer, you shut down all the

How to Be Coachable

The biggest catalyst on my path to success has been mentorship. Since I found my first mentor in 2008, my businesses have grown exponentially. Sometimes mentors give you new ideas; more often, they remove roadblocks. Sometimes those roadblocks are in

The Two Types of Problems

“My staff never cleans up before they go home.”
“Our front office is a pigsty!”
“No one returns phone calls or emails quickly.”
“No one cares except for me!”
If you struggle to get consistent action from your staff, there are two possible causes.
The first probable cause is your process. The second probable cause is your people.

Why You’re Not Growing

You’re busy. You probably work a longer day than anyone else you know. You probably start early and finish late. And every minute is packed: you hit the ground running and don’t stop until bedtime. So why don’t you feel

Episode 40: Steven McCoy

“I believe entrepreneurship and business development are key for Indigenous individuals, like myself, and communities, to escape situations of poverty and become sustainable, independent and positive contributors to the overall greater good while reclaiming our economic independence within the local,

4 Skills Every Mentor Needs

I own the largest mentorship practice in the world for gym owners. There are over 900 gyms currently in the program, each with their own 1:1 mentor. The mentors are trained, drilled, tested and taught nonstop. They’re quizzed on our

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