Why Your Kid Should Start A Business

I’ve offered my kids each $10,000 to skip college. I’m all for education (we actually fund it for some other kids) but I want them to wait. Before they go to college, I want them

Why Bikes?

Last week, my wife and I donated 50 bikes to local foster kids. A local bike shop was our partner in the venture: they had high-quality bikes and the staff to tune them up. We

The Secret to “Bright Spots Friday”

Yesterday, I wrote that the secret to having a Perfect Day was to define your own perfect day. I said that “if you don’t record what your Perfect Day would be, you’ll never have one.”

How to Have Your Perfect Day

“After reading your new book, I asked my ten-year-old what her Perfect Day would be. She thought about it, and then made a list: beach, time with Mom, and ice cream. The next night, after

How To Be Happy: Finding Your Just Cause

When I talk with business owners who are burned out or see their rants about clients who “just don’t get it!” on Facebook, I know they’ve lost their sense of cause. They’ve forgotten why they’re

How To Be Happy: Pleasure and Purpose

Being happy doesn’t mean you’re in a state of euphoria all the time. Being happy also doesn’t mean you’re in a constant state of untouchable calm all the time. According to researchers, you need both:

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