How To Be Happy (For Entrepreneurs)

Where does it all lead? These things we do—business, fitness, family, work—where are we headed? I think the purpose of our existence is to find happiness. Call it self-actualization or nirvana or heaven, but we’re

How To Start a Mindset Practice

Successful leaders have two things in common: 1. Experience leading (we all screw it up a few times); and 2. A daily practice for aligning their mind. Only time can deliver the first. But this

Want To Stay Healthy? Set a Schedule

Day one at home: Up at 7am Check emails Workout at 8 Break for lunch at noon Walk outside at 3pm with the dog–ahhhh! Finish early (4pm) Dinner with the kids “Maybe this shelter-in-place stuff

Take care of yourself.

You’ve been on an airplane. You’ve heard the preflight speech: “In the event of an emergency, put your own mask on before helping others.” We’re not in business just for ourselves. We’re in this for

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