Business Skills: Virtuosity

Master the basics yourself. Systemize them for your staff. Optimize outcomes over time, but do them forever. One of the hardest skills for entrepreneurs to practice is virtuosity. This is simply a mastery of the

The Value of Coaching Skills

Strategies guide long-term growth. Tactics generate immediate results. And skills compound. More and more, our data set shows that clients with solid skills – like focus, virtuosity, and patience – outperform everyone else, even when

Strategies, Tactics and Skills

After working with over 1800 gyms worldwide, we know that our program can get a gym amazing results.Our strategies are commonly used in huge businesses. Our tactics are specific to the fitness industry, and tested

Why We’re Capping our Mentorship Practice

We currently have 868 gyms in Two-Brain Business, my mentorship practice for gym owners.We’re going to cap it at 1000. I’m Chris Cooper, and this is BusinessIsGood. Today, I’m going to tell you why we’re

The 5-Step Staff Training Plan

No matter what field you’re in, you can build a staff training program following these five steps. If you’re a business coach, you can help your clients do the same. Take this model and apply


What’s In It For Them? Every speech, every course, every workbook, every tool that you build must tell your audience: “Here’s how this will help you.” “Here’s why you must do this.” “Here’s the prize

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