Eleven Mistakes Accountants Make

It’s tax season, and this is your accountant’s time to shine. But what if they’re not so shiny? Should you switch? And how do you know? I’ve worked with many different bookkeepers and accountants across

Business Coaches and Mentors

Many people use the term “Business Coach” and “Business Mentor” interchangeably. However, there are distinct differences.  Business coaches help entrepreneurs overcome short-term obstacles in their business. They apply models from their coaching toolkit to the

Building An Ascension Model

If you want to keep clients around longer, you have to give them a “next level” to aspire toward. And if you want them to make consistent progress, you have to give them ONLY the

The Formula

Every coach sells the same thing: hope. Whether you’re in the fitness business, the podcast business, the mindset business or the advertising business, HOPE is your product. Some coaches understand this; some are fixated on

The Novice’s Curse

When developing any skill, it’s tempting to skip through the fundamentals too quickly and pursue the trickier, flashier parts. This is true in gymnastics; in coding; in learning French; and in business. Greg Glassman, founder

How We Use AI, Part 2

Two-Brain Business is a 1:1 mentorship practice. We rely strongly on human intelligence and empathy (the “two brains”). Yesterday, I told you how we also use artificial intelligence to help our mentors diagnose problems, identify

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