How We Use AI

Two-Brain Business is a 1:1 mentorship practice. We rely strongly on human intelligence and empathy (the “two brains”). But we also use artificial intelligence to help our mentors diagnose problems, identify opportunities and prescribe action.

The A-B-C Content Framework

How to Consistently Produce Better and Better Content.In this episode, I tell you how to produce content for YouTube, your Podcast, your blog AND your social media…all at once!Then I tell you how to use

How I Grew So Quickly

Most small businesses don’t make it past the two-year mark. Their founders are smart, hard-working risk-takers. But they fail anyway. I’ve had a couple of businesses that didn’t last. But my BIG businesses grew fast–and

Partnerships and Sponsorships

BiG Podcast – Partnerships and Sponsorships Mon, Mar 13, 2023 8:11AM • 17:44 SUMMARY KEYWORDS audience, website, product, gym, building, recommendation, people, clients, business, bike, partnership, recommend, booth, owners, company, test, trek, podcast, local bike

The 5 Levels of Influence

Ask yourself: what level of leadership are you at now and what influence do you need to build to get to the next level? Respect to Chris Cooper and the information he’s distilling for us

How Your Haters Make You Money

“Criticism isn’t the enemy; obscurity is.” How Your Haters Make You Money A couple of years ago, a “guru” in the fitness business told his audience that my ideas were bad.  His ranty blog post added

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