What I teach teenagers about entrepreneurship

What can we learn about our business when teaching tomorrow’s leaders? Business Is Good has never been better in this beautifully philosophical episode with our host Chris Cooper as he reflects on what he teaches

How to Be A Business Coach

Description Why do we need business coaches? What is the difference between a coach and a mentor? And how do coaches earn the permission and trust to help someone grow their business?  These are the

The Simple Six

Description Business is Good has never been better with ‘The Simple Six’ and Chris Cooper as your business mentor. The Simple Six is a process where you can grow any service-based business using the principle

Why Your Kid Should Start a Business

Most of our kids will work on projects instead of punching a clock. They’ll determine their income by the value they create for others, instead of whatever their boss/union/scale decides in advance.

Why I Publish My Mistakes

I’m definitely the only business coach who’s ever screwed anything up, or made mistakes worth sharing. None of the gurus have ever made a mistake in their business, marriage, faith or Instagram profiles.

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