Investing Your Time

“You’re spending time to make money. Instead, you should be spending money to make time.”

Not a Not-For-Profit

My goal is to donate $1 million dollars per year, every year, for the rest of my life. gives its profits to people and organizations promoting entrepreneurship and financial literacy. We can raise more

Recession Proof: Find a Tribe

by David Allen It’s hard to think logically during times of stress. In fact, when we’re in any type of pain, our immediate goal is to remove that pain as quickly as possible. But that’s

Recession Proof: Gratitude

by David Allen My friend Brian Strump shared this is in a business owners group and it fit in too perfectly with the recession proof topic not to share. If asked what your values were

Recession Proof: Every Dollar Is An Investment

Your money mindset should be one in which you see every dollar as investment. And, like any other investment, a dollar invested should be considered against its ROI (return on investment).

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