Recession Proof: It Starts In Your Mind

this decade, but at some point it is going to happen. Any brief look at history would make it clear that we should expect at least a few over a lifetime. Uncomfortable things are going

The Feynman Learning Technique

The Feynman technique is powerful for opening your mind, learning information better, and making connections to what you already know.

Recession Proof: What’s your plan?

by David Allen Passivity towards your resources will always lead to a bad, uncomfortable outcome. Whether it’s your financial resources, your physical resources, or your mental resources, if you steward them poorly through lack or

How to Get Wealthy

This was prepared for a friend who wanted some advice for her kid. Let me know if it helps you!<

How To Buy The Yellow Porsche

The flight home from our family trip was only an hour. But the wait at the gate was longer. To kill time, my son bought a car magazine from an airport shop and flipped through

Cutting Your Way to Wealth

If you learned anything form your parents about money, it was probably this:
Spend less than you earn.
And that’s great advice. The problem is that it doesn’t work anymore.

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