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The Simplest Business Plan For 2024

In a lecture to Entrepreneurship students at a local university this month, I shared a simple business plan that you can use in a week to launch a business, and continue to use for years. Here’s the basic model: In

How to Be Coachable

The biggest catalyst on my path to success has been mentorship. Since I found my first mentor in 2008, my businesses have grown exponentially. Sometimes mentors give you new ideas; more often, they remove roadblocks. Sometimes those roadblocks are in

The Two Types of Problems

“My staff never cleans up before they go home.”
“Our front office is a pigsty!”
“No one returns phone calls or emails quickly.”
“No one cares except for me!”
If you struggle to get consistent action from your staff, there are two possible causes.
The first probable cause is your process. The second probable cause is your people.

A Culture of Discipline

“Freedom and responsibility within a framework.” In his book “Good to Great“, Jim Collins lists “A culture of discipline” as one of the six necessary elements that make a company great. It’s a really profound concept, but I’m going to

Time-Tellers and Clockmakers

If you’re a CEO or business owner, you might feel that you have to be more charismatic; louder; or more motivational. As my company grew, I felt that I needed to become a larger inspirational “presence” to my team and my clients. But, as Jim Collins discovered in his six-year study of companies that last, this isn’t true.

The High Costs of Context-Switching

It’s very common for entrepreneurs to feel busy all day, and then look back afterward and think, “I got nothing accomplished!” I often write “Do one thing to grow your business before you do anything else.” Knowing what to do

Minimum Effective Task (MET)

If you want a client to get a result as fast as possible, you must simplify their assignment. That means your online course should really be a checklist. Of course, you’ll need to add some background knowledge and maybe coach

Should You Use AI To Produce Content?

You need to publish every day. For some of us, that’s easy–in fact, it’s almost meditative. But for most people, producing content takes a backseat to the little daily emergencies and tasks involved in running their business. Even though “publish

The Five Filters For New Ideas

Are you on that new social media platform yet? You know, the one with the app from that guy who does that other thing? All of your friends are talking about it – why aren’t you on there?! While we’re

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