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How to Get Wealthy

This was prepared for a friend who wanted some advice for her kid. Let me know if it helps you!<

How To Buy The Yellow Porsche

The flight home from our family trip was only an hour. But the wait at the gate was longer. To kill time, my son bought a car magazine from an airport shop and flipped through it. He stopped at a

Cutting Your Way to Wealth

If you learned anything form your parents about money, it was probably this:
Spend less than you earn.
And that’s great advice. The problem is that it doesn’t work anymore.

Friends Don’t Want A Deal

Big Nick was too dirty for his wife’s pristine dining room. Black from his sweaty brow to the tips of his workboots, Nick found a couple of old towels and carefully draped them over two of the white chairs. Then

Where CEOs Hide

Most of are weak CEOs because we hide in our product. Most of you own your own company. You’re the CEO by default. And maybe you’re a great CEO. But most of us aren’t.  The CEO’s job is to increase

Daily Directive 072120

Daily Update Your local connections form a web that can be your trampoline—or your safety net. All these people are on their own little islands. And they’ll stay there unless you connect them—because no one else will do it. Daily

Daily Directive: 072020

Daily Update Your business is as strong as your connections. If you want to strengthen your business, strengthen your connections. The sum of those connections is your local business ecosystem. When you grow, they grow. When they struggle, you do

Daily Directive 070320

Daily Update The science of motivation is the science of success. That’s why I study motivation more than I study exercise technique. After more than 20 years as a coach, I know the selection of exercises is secondary to your

Daily Directive: 070220

Daily Update The path to success is littered with great ideas that failed because they were poorly marketed. Too often our ideas fail because we haven’t told the right story, in the right way. Your idea deserves better. You don’t

Daily Directive: 070120

Daily Update The goal is to get your message believed, not just noticed. Good stories are: True Relatable (people can put themselves in your shoes) Consistent (told in your own voice) Much shorter than you think they should be. Daily