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Flow State

Flow state is a short period of intense focus where you feel totally in control, very productive and like you’re moving quickly. Athletes describe Flow State as being “in the zone” or “dialled in”. Entrepreneurs can make their best decisions;


What’s In It For Them? Every speech, every course, every workbook, every tool that you build must tell your audience: “Here’s how this will help you.” “Here’s why you must do this.” “Here’s the prize waiting when you’ve finished.” “Here’s

Investing Your Time

“You’re spending time to make money. Instead, you should be spending money to make time.”

Take care of yourself.

You’ve been on an airplane. You’ve heard the preflight speech: “In the event of an emergency, put your own mask on before helping others.” We’re not in business just for ourselves. We’re in this for our families; for our clients;

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