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Time-Tellers and Clockmakers

If you’re a CEO or business owner, you might feel that you have to be more charismatic; louder; or more motivational. As my company grew, I felt that I needed to become a larger inspirational “presence” to my team and my clients. But, as Jim Collins discovered in his six-year study of companies that last, this isn’t true.

The 4-Stage Easy Meditation Strategy

If you’ve listened to an interview with a CEO you admire, you’ve probably heard them mention meditation. Most founders and coaches know they *should* meditate, but they’re so distracted that they can’t sit still for 20 minutes. Then they feel

Think Week

As CEO of your company, thinking is your job. You don’t get paid to deliver a service. Your labor is done entirely between the ears. If you can think more objectively, you’ll be a better CEO. If you can gain

Top Tips for Speakers

To be a better leader, I know need to present my case better. That means being more succinct in my message; more focused in my presentation; and carry more bass in my voice. 🙂 These are all lessons I’ve learned

How Your Haters Make You Money

“Criticism isn’t the enemy; obscurity is.” How Your Haters Make You Money A couple of years ago, a “guru” in the fitness business told his audience that my ideas were bad.  His ranty blog post added 600 new people to my

Staying Present

Sometimes, for me, cycling becomes meditation. Those are the days when I’m doing it right.


My grandfather would not recognize my job as work, but he would be thrilled that I am free to ride a cool bicycle at 9am on a weekday.

Calm Is A Skill

Calmness is not easy. It takes practice. Luckily, you can practice on a bike.

Winning The Lottery

The only person who wins the lottery is the dude who sells the tickets.

What’s Water?

David Foster Wallace shared this story at a commencement speech back in 2005: There are two young fish swimming along who happen to meet an older fish. The older fish nods at them and says: ‘Morning boys, how’s the water?’

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