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Episode 40: Steven McCoy

“I believe entrepreneurship and business development are key for Indigenous individuals, like myself, and communities, to escape situations of poverty and become sustainable, independent and positive contributors to the overall greater good while reclaiming our economic independence within the local,

Does Canada Lack an Entrepreneurial Culture?

More than ever, our kids will have to create their own careers.Jobs in middle management, 30-year positions with IBM, lifetime gigs protected by tenure–these are industrial-era dinosaurs that are slowly disappearing. And according to Scott Stirrett in this Globe and

Why To Make More Money

Make lots of money. Give it away. I know, I know–everything else you read on social media is called “HOW To Make More Money”. But if you’re like me, nobody ever told you why you should. If you’re like me,

Eleven Mistakes Accountants Make

It’s tax season, and this is your accountant’s time to shine. But what if they’re not so shiny? Should you switch? And how do you know? I’ve worked with many different bookkeepers and accountants across several businesses, big and small.

Recession Proof: Find a Tribe

by David Allen It’s hard to think logically during times of stress. In fact, when we’re in any type of pain, our immediate goal is to remove that pain as quickly as possible. But that’s sometimes not the best decision.

Recession Proof: Gratitude

by David Allen My friend Brian Strump shared this is in a business owners group and it fit in too perfectly with the recession proof topic not to share. If asked what your values were or maybe what you treasured

Recession Proof: Every Dollar Is An Investment

Your money mindset should be one in which you see every dollar as investment. And, like any other investment, a dollar invested should be considered against its ROI (return on investment).

Recession Proof: It Starts In Your Mind

this decade, but at some point it is going to happen. Any brief look at history would make it clear that we should expect at least a few over a lifetime. Uncomfortable things are going to happen to us. And likely more than once. This is life: both the ups AND the downs. We are neither promised nor do we deserve only the ups. Recognizing this allows us to better deal with the situation because it was not unexpected. It also allows us to better prepare for it.

Recession Proof: What’s your plan?

by David Allen Passivity towards your resources will always lead to a bad, uncomfortable outcome. Whether it’s your financial resources, your physical resources, or your mental resources, if you steward them poorly through lack or knowledge and/or action, you’re in

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