Clarity and Cancellations

When your clients run out of future, they’ll quit.

If they can’t see the ultimate goal, they’ll question why they’re in your coaching program.

If they can’t see how your prescription will get them to that goal, they’ll be distracted by other ideas.

If they can’t see the very next step in front of them, they’ll be overwhelmed and fail to make progress.

Here’s how to show them the future: long-term, near-term and short-term.

Start with their Perfect Day.
Ask a client to describe their perfect day. Go into great detail: what time would they wake up in the morning? What would they do first? What would they have for breakfast? Would they go into work, or do something else? Who would they see first? How would they greet that person?
Where would they go next? Who would they invite to lunch? What would they do in the afternoon? Would they eat an early dinner, or a late one?
Break down the steps to get there.
Ask, “What do you think that lifestyle would cost you per year?”
“Who would you need to have on your team to give you that kind of free time?”
“What does the team need to know for you to take that time away?”
If you can correlate their Perfect Day to metrics, that’s even better.
Finally, identify one single step they can take to start their journey.
Be very specific. “Earn $100 more per week” isn’t helpful. “Launch a preorder program” is slightly better. “Follow this checklist between 8am and 9am tomorrow, and text me when done” is best.
Big jobs require motivation.
Big jobs require grit and determination.
Big jobs require hustle and focus.
Small jobs get done.
Make the big jobs small.

When clients can see their future waiting, they’ll find it hard NOT to get there. The key is to make each step so small, simple and easy that it’s hard for them NOT to do it.

The key? Keep showing them exactly what to do. When they run out of future–when they can’t see the long-term, near-term or short-term goal–they’ll give up on themselves and your program.

Most clients need clarity more than anything else. Want to keep them? Make their future clear.

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