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Build an “On Ramp” to your business.

The first step a client takes in your business determines:

1 – the value they ultimately get from your service;

2 – how quickly they see that value;

3 – how long they stick around.

No matter what kind of business you own, the first steps a client takes should set them up for long-term success. Their first few visits should give them the tools or skills to be successful forever.

For example, in a gym, your “onramp” period should teach a client all of the basic exercises they’ll need to do well in your program…but also keep make every workout better for the rest of their life, even if they quit your gym.

In your salon, a client’s first visit should be more than a haircut: it should teach them how to keep their cut looking sharp; how to maintain their makeup; and which products to use daily.

In your landscaping business, a client’s first experience should include a guided tour of the work you’ve done; some instructions on watering their garden and plants; and a recommendation for plant food.

In your bookkeeping business, a client should start with a meeting to talk about their goals; set up their monthly P&L the way they like it; explain a bit of tax strategy; and tell them how to use Quickbooks (or whatever software you use.)

In your cleaning business, your first visit should be a walkthrough of the premises; a recommendation on cleaning supplies that will do the best job; some tips for keeping things clean between your visits; and a shopping list for materials needed.

Taking the time to add these steps will set you apart from everyone else, get the client excited to work with you in the future, and most importantly: make them successful with your service really fast.

Step one:

Make a list of the 3 clients who have had the greatest success with your service. Who has made the most progress in your gym, or who wears your style best, or who was easiest to work with on their wedding day?

Write their names across the top of a page. Draw a vertical line between each, creating 3 columns.

Under each name, write “knowledge”. What did they already know on their first visit? Had they done something similar to your service before? Had they read your blog or listened to your Quickcast?

Under each name, write “first visit”. Think back to each client’s first visit. What did you tell them that really made the process smooth later?

Under each name, write “habits”. What does the client repeatedly do that others don’t?

Now flip the page over and write “Client Wish List” at the top.

Set a timer for 5 minutes.

List every skill or attribute you wish ALL of your clients had. Use your most successful clients as a template. Here’s a prompt:
“Mary is SO great. I wish every client was just like her! If they were more like Mary, they would…”

And then make a list of what makes Mary so great.

For example:

“Mary already knew how to deadlift safely when she came in!”

“Mary already knew how to use Quickbooks!”

“Mary knew we’d have to book a reception venue at least six months in advance – I didn’t have to explain that to her!”

“Mary had a really tidy storage closet with all of her cleaning supplies in it.”

These are the things we want to teach and do with EVERY client during their Onramp period. This will help us make every client more like Mary…and see the results Mary’s getting from our service.

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