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Mine your leads. Instructions here.

This week, we’re building an “On Ramp” to your business. Start here.

Step 3: Tear down the roadblocks.

What are the things that derail your clients?
What stops them before they even get started?
In other words, why do your clients quit or cancel in the first 30 days, or before their first 3 visits?

The next step in your On ramp process is to solve these problems.

For example, if you own a nutrition coaching business, and your clients give up on their diets because they can’t meet their protein goals, you can build a protein supplement into the price of their first month.

Solving these problems is the priority – you want your clients to be successful – but it can also mean extra revenue. You are creating extra value for them, and they are responding with extra value (a higher price for your on ramp process).

A dog-walking service could partner with a local pet trainer to offer an introductory training session as part of the package. This session would help address behavioral issues and ensure the dog adapts well to the new walker and routine, enhancing the owner’s peace of mind and reducing cancellations due to behavioral mismatches.

A marketing agency’s clients could struggle with content creation, which can delay campaign launches and affect overall satisfaction. The agency could offer a content starter pack, which includes initial blog posts, social media content, and a customizable email marketing template. This pack helps clients jump-start their marketing efforts seamlessly and see immediate action on their platforms, thus reducing the chance of early termination due to inactivity or unsatisfactory early results.

For clients new to using comprehensive IT systems, the overwhelming number of software tools and security protocols can be daunting. The IT service could offer a “Tech Essentials Kit,” which includes premium antivirus software, a password management tool, and a basic hardware toolkit for common issues. This addition not only enhances the clients’ IT security from the start but also equips them to handle minor issues independently, enhancing satisfaction and reducing churn.

A language tutor could offer an interactive language learning app as an add-on. This app would provide daily practice exercises, vocabulary games, and conversational simulations tailored to the learner’s current level. Including this tool helps maintain the learner’s engagement between tutoring sessions, reinforces their learning, and reduces the likelihood of them quitting due to lack of progress or confidence. They could also just roll a subscription into an existing app and increase their ‘on ramp’ price to do so.

By solving a client’s problems, you increase the value of your service. Your On Ramp process should help the client overcome the initial barriers to success by just eliminating problems before they occur.


Pull up a list of the last 10 clients who didn’t attend their second appointment, or who used the service once and never came back.

What stopped them?
Did they move?
Change jobs?
Did they find the first workout too difficult?

Record every problem you find, and build the solution into the first 3 visits of your service.

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