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This week, we’re building an “On Ramp” to your business. Start here.

Step 4: Revisit the plan.

Clients leave your business when they can’t see their future with you.
On their first visit, they have all sorts of visions of the future: they see the compliments they’ll get on their new haircut; the new clothes they’ll buy when they’re 10 pounds lighter; the money they’ll save on their taxes.
Three months in, that sense of excitement and anticipation is gone, and they might be wondering “what do I have to gain here?”
Your service to the client should get even better as your relationship matures…but many business owners are so focused on getting the NEXT client that they don’t take action to keep the clients they have.

At the 3-month mark, your client should have another conversation that makes your service even better for them. For example:
1 – how’s this prescription working for you?
2 – how much weight have you lost?
3 – how are you finding this cut matches your overall style?
4 – are you finding it easy to report your numbers every month?
5 – are you sticking to the diet?
6 – do you have more time in the mornings now?

Then you adjust the plan for the next 3 months.
Many service providers see change as an admission that their first prescription wasn’t perfect. But they should view it as “sighting in their rifle” – the longer the client stays with you, the more you can tailor your service to them. In the gym space, this is called “the prescriptive model”, and the best coaches know the second program they write is better than the first.

Today: add a 3-month check-in to your client journey.
Ask the client, “How is this working for you so far?”
“Are you totally satisfied with your results?”
If “YES!” then it’s time to ask for a referral.
If “SORTA!” then they need a slight tweak to the plan (usually an upgrade, not a downgrade – they want more from you, or faster results).
If “NO!” then they need a new plan or service.

Changing a client’s plan increases their “sunk costs” in your service. It’s easier to stick with the person who knows your history than start fresh…if that person is an invested as you are.

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