Daily Directive: 061324

Mine your leads. Instructions here.

Monday, we did a time audit. Start there.

Yesterday, we grouped the Tasks you completed into Roles – the different hats you wear in your business on a daily basis.

The next step to improving the value of your time is to identify the lowest-value use of your time.

Consider the replacement cost of each role. What would it cost you to hire a cleaner, for example? How about a bookkeeper?
Place those numbers in the Wage category. Do a little research on Indeed or Payscale if you’re unsure of some numbers.

RoleHourly Wage

You can download a template here:

Choose the lowest-priced role on the chart. This is a very valuable hire, because it’s leverageable.

Tomorrow, we will hire someone to replace you in the lowest-wage role on the chart, and you will spend the same time working in a higher-value role on the chart. For example, we will hire a cleaner for $15 and then reinvest your “cleaning” time into marketing.

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