Daily Directive: 061724

Write one blog post or record one QuickCast.

Build an editorial calendar.
The editorial calendar is a chart with rows for days of the month, and columns titled “Title”, “Pub Date”, “URL”, “Blog”, “Email”, “FB”, “IG”, “YT” and “Other”.
Like this:

TitlePub DateURLBlogEmailFBIGYTOther
Blog Post 101/01/blog-post-1[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Here’s a template you can download:

Then, record a short blog post or QuickCast on these 3 topics:

  • Can you share the story behind your passion for [X] and why you decided to open this [business]?
  • What is your number one tip for someone completely new to [your service] who wants to make it a habit?
  • Can you debunk a common misconception people have about [your service]?

Save each as a Draft when done.
List each on your Editorial Calendar for future publication.
Check the boxes when the content has been sent to your email list, posted on your Facebook page, etc. in the future.

Every business needs four marketing funnels:
A referral funnel
A social marketing funnel
A content funnel
And an ads funnel.
This week, we’re going to build your Content Funnel, which amplifies and speeds up the others, as well as improving your retention.
The top of the funnel is your media (your blog post or Quickcast).
The middle tier of your funnel is your website.
The bottom tier of your funnel is your email list.
And, of course, the purpose of your funnel is to get people to book an intro meeting.

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