Daily Directive: 062124

Schedule your social media posts for next week. Instructions here.

If you’re unable to produce daily content at a B+ level, then use AI to generate blog posts or video scripts for you. If you can produce regular content above a B+ level, you don’t need AI. But your competition WILL be producing a lot of content now, and you need to keep up.

The key to using AI is in writing good prompts. Here are some tips:

1 – tell the AI engine (like ChatGPT) your background. “I own a salon…” etc.
2 – tell the AI who your target audience is.
3 – tell the AI exactly what to write. “Please write a 500-word blog post explaining how often to visit the spa to keep your look fresh.”
4 – make sure the AI writes for humans instead of other robots. “Please write as if to a 12-year-old.”
5 – make sure the AI doesn’t sound like AI. “Please make this simple, personable language.”

You might need to edit the first few posts, but this is far easier than starting from scratch for many people. And when the first few posts don’t sound great, you can add that to your prompt next time. “Please don’t use a hyperbolic first line.” etc.

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