Daily Directive: 062320

The purpose of this blog is to inspire entrepreneurship.

Sometimes inspiration means “removing barriers to action”.

Overwhelm holds entrepreneurs back more than any other barrier. Especially in times of change, it’s easy to become paralyzed by choice, ideas and analysis.

Starting today, I’ll give you a Daily Directive a few times each week: one single task you can do to move your business forward. Think of it as playing Offense instead of Defense.

Today: get yourself some backup.

Here are instructions to follow if you contract Covid, written by an MD. Like many of our links, the language says “gym” but can apply to any service business.


Instructions to build systems that will replace you:

Gym Business Systems: How to “Survive a Bus Crash”

And…a call to build your own local network of entrepreneurs:

Now is the time to build your backup. Contact five local entrepreneurs. Ask if they have plans to reopen, and ask if they’d be open to sharing them. When one owner accepts the invitation to back each other up, share your staff playbook.

Yes, it’s a huge move. You’re basically telling the other exactly how you run your business. But this is the start of a larger conversation that will help you move your Mission forward.

Finally, use this opportunity to review your playbook with your staff today.

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