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Daily Directive: 062420

Daily Update

The last three months have been rough. You’ve built the “fight or flight” part of your brain…and now it’s out there looking for trouble.
I know you can’t stop looking at your phone.
I know you can’t stop dreading the future.
I know you’re having trouble sleeping; stress-eating; distracted; burned out…all of it.

Here’s what to do about it (,,watch the webinar).

Daily Lesson

During a crisis, you train your brain to react instead of responding.

Like a muscle, the amygdala—responsible for fight or flight—gets stronger. And when the crisis goes away, the amygdala tries really hard to keep its job. You go looking for drama. You see tigers in the bushes even when there aren’t any. You can’t stop looking at your phone.

Here’s why it happens (and what to do about it): “Why You Can’t Stop Stressing.”

Daily Directive

Start a one-hour “no phone” window twice per day.

Set predetermined “check-in” times for email, text, social media and all other messaging tools.

Start LSD (long, slow, distance) exercise at least once per week.

Commit yourself to a family activity that will fully occupy your mind at least once per week.

Practice Bright Spots every day. Start flushing out your brain with writing or other creative tasks, and finish your day by writing out your Bright Spots to practice gratitude.