Daily Directive: 062424

Write one blog post or record one QuickCast.

Book a one-on-one meeting with each of your team individually.
These meetings should last 30 minutes. Connect with every person who reports to you directly, and put a meeting in your calendar (and theirs).
These are called “Career Roadmap” meetings. Tomorrow I’ll tell you how to run them, and we’ll roleplay a few.

The reason most businesses fail to scale from owner-operator level to a real staff-run business is because the owner fails to scale themselves from “doer” to “leader”.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one:

One of the biggest mistakes all entrepreneurs make (I sure did!) was abdicating responsibility of running their primary business, instead of delegating it.

Picture this: you own a goose that lays golden eggs. You hire a neighborhood kid to look after the goose. The kid likes geese, but has never owned one. Your instructions are: “Feed and water him, ‘kay? I’m going to the market!”

You go to the market, cash in your golden egg, buy some Bitcoin, and come back…

…and the goose is limping! *Sh!t*

“Didn’t you feed and water him?!” you ask the kid.

“Yep, I did! Every morning,” he replies, rattled.

“You’re supposed to water him at night!” you smack your head. “And didn’t you clean out his goose cage?”


“How did you not clean out his goose cage?! It’s common sense!

“I, uh…”

“And I see the hose is out. You didn’t give him TAP water, did you?!?”

“Um, there’s other water???”

(you get it.)

Your staff is the largest investment you’ll ever make in your business. Every new staff role should grow your business. The marketing and sales roles get you more money; the operations roles get you more time. But most entrepreneurs see adding staff as an expense – and that’s because the staff don’t actually grow the business. At best, they’re order-takers and order-fulfillers. At worst, they’re a waste, because the owner still does everything that’s important herself.

The difference? Successful entrepreneurs get a great return on their staff investment. They mentor their staff, giving them:

1 – a purpose
2 – knowledge
3 – feedback (both positive and negative)
4 – encouragement and accountability (two sides of the same coin)
5 – money
6 – the right culture to succeed at their job.

The first step is the Career Roadmap meeting. Schedule one with each of your staff.

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