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Today, roleplay three Career Roadmap Meetings with a trusted staff member, your spouse, or in front of a mirror.

The Career Roadmap Meeting Template – 30 minutes

Step 1: Understand Your Employee’s Goals

Ask your employee, “What do you want in life right now?”
Encourage them to describe their Perfect Day and explain how your business can support that vision (within reason – you should be looking for connections and ways for them to earn more, not just handing out raises and ‘work from home’ agreements to help them at the cost of your business. Read The Dream Manager for more.)
Ask about their goals for the next six months.

Step 2: Determine Their Financial Goals

Identify how much your employee needs to earn to achieve their Perfect Day goals. Utilize tools like the Happiness Index and consider their personal budget to calculate a target number.

Step 3: Determine Their Starting Point

This is the time to share their evaluation. This is their starting point, and framed properly, it shouldn’t discourage them. “Here’s where you want to go. Here’s where we’re starting. Your best opportunity is to improve x, y and z.” Of course, it’s also critical to be honest: sugar-coating the truth doesn’t help anyone (it just helps you escape the fear of honest dialogue.)

Step 4: Optimize Roles and Responsibilities

Perform the Value Ladder exercise to identify tasks you can delegate. Offer these roles to your employee (a process we refer to as “insourcing”). While they may not want to handle every task, many employees are willing to take on extra duties while they build their client base. You might also have additional tasks or projects you can assign to them to help them establish a stable income.

Step 5: Create Growth Opportunities

Look opportunities for your employee to grow the business (and with it, their income.) They can run specialized programs, or offer additional services to your existing clients. This approach helps them grow within the company and increase their income. This is called “intrapreneurship”.

Step 6: Assess Required Skills and Training

Identify the starting point for your employee’s development. Determine the skills or certifications they need to capitalize on the growth plan. For example, if they need a specific credential to start a new service, outline the steps they need to take.

Measure and Mentor

Provide mentorship to help your employees grow their income on your business platform. Continuous support and assessment will help them achieve their goals and contribute more effectively to your business.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about guiding your management staff to grow your business.

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