Daily Directive: 062624

Check in with 5 clients. Instructions here.

Teach your key staff The Simple Six.

First, choose one tactic to raise your ARM.

Then choose one tactic to increase your LEG.

Then pick one tactic to increase your HEAD.

Next, pick one tactic to improve your ROI.

Then choose one tactic to improve your EHR.

And finally, choose one tactic to improve your NOB.

Introduce the ARM tactic to your key staff as a Project for them to complete, with your mentorship.

Break it down into step-by-step tasks for them to complete (as you see in the Daily Directives on this site).

Mentor them to complete the ARM tactic. When it’s complete, move on to the LEG tactic. Mentor your staff through the LEG tactic, and then move on to the HEAD tactic.

Do not dump multiple projects on them at once; and work with the staff who have the power to implement the changes.

When they’ve completed the ARM, LEG, HEAD and ROI tasks, work through an EHR-boosting tactic yourself. Then give yourself a raise, and start over.

You can listen to my podcast on the Simple Six here: https://businessisgood.com/the-simple-six/

And you can order the book here: www.simplesix.com

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