Daily Directive: 063020

Daily Update

When You Open a Business, You Become a Storyteller.

Your story is the common thread that runs through your media. The public, your staff and your clients don’t see you—they see your story.

Our brains are wired to remember stories. It’s how we learn, how we judge and how we trust.

Daily Lesson

The most common question I get when I talk about storytelling is this:

“But what should I say?”

Read The Stories You Need To Tell here: https://www.twobrainbusiness.com/the-stories-you-need-to-tell/

Daily Directive

Download the Storytelling Worksheet from the link above.

Flip to the Checklist page.

Interview 3 of your clients with the question I shared.

Publish them on your website.

Link to the blog post URL on social media (your amplifiers.)

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