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Daily Directive: 070120

Daily Update

The goal is to get your message believed, not just noticed.

Good stories are:


Relatable (people can put themselves in your shoes)

Consistent (told in your own voice)

Much shorter than you think they should be.

Daily Lesson

You can’t out-yell everyone else. You can’t be heard if you’re saying the same things they are. You can buy ads, attention and awareness—but you can’t buy trust. And trust is what makes people choose you.

Read The 7 Elements of Good Storytelling Here: https://www.twobrainbusiness.com/how-to-tell-better-stories/

Daily Directive

Download the Storytelling Workbook from the link above.

Flip to the Checklist page.

Write YOUR story.

Publish it on your website.

Link to the blog post URL on social media (your amplifiers.)

I can’t say it often enough: Your #1 goal on social media is to get people OFF social media.