Daily Directive: 071024

Check in with 5 clients. Instructions here.

Block off time in your calendar to complete your Simple Six tactics.

As my mentor Carrie Wilkerson says, “If it’s important, it gets an appointment.”

Choose your Golden Hour for each day.

Start the Golden Hour with your Daily Marketing Task (as at the top of this screen.)

Use the rest of the hour to work on your Simple Six project (or another project, assigned by your mentor.)

Complete the Simple Six projects in this order: ARM, then Clients (HEAD), and then LEG.

Work each project all the way through to completion before moving to the next.

When you’ve completed your ARM, HEAD and LEG projects, give yourself a raise (usually 6%).

For example, if the list below was my SixStorm for a Real Estate Agent, I’d first select ONE tactic for each metric (ARM, LEG and HEAD). I’ve highlighted those in bold.

ARM ideas
  1. Premium Listings: Offer premium listing services that include professional photography, virtual tours, and enhanced marketing for a higher fee.
  2. Tiered Commission Structures: Implement tiered commission structures where clients can choose higher service levels for a higher commission rate.
  3. Home Staging Services: Provide home staging services as an add-on to your standard listing package, improving the marketability of properties.
  4. Relocation Services: Provide comprehensive relocation services that include area tours, school information, and settling-in assistance.
  5. Home Improvement Advice: Offer advice and connections to trusted contractors for home improvements that can increase property value.
LEG ideas
  1. Regular Market Updates: Provide regular market updates and personalized consultations to keep clients informed and engaged.

2. Home Maintenance Check-ins: Offer periodic check-ins and maintenance advice for homeowners, encouraging ongoing engagement.

    HEAD ideas
    1. Referral Programs: Establish a referral program where satisfied clients can refer friends and family in exchange for incentives or discounts on future services.
    2. Investment Consultations: Offer investment consultations and portfolio reviews for clients interested in real estate investment opportunities.
    3. Custom Marketing Plans: Develop custom marketing plans that include targeted online advertising, social media campaigns, and print materials for high-value properties.
    1. Exclusive Listings: Offer exclusive listings and off-market opportunities to high-value clients.
    2. Client Appreciation Events: Host client appreciation events and workshops on topics like home buying, selling, and market trends.
    3. Email Campaigns: Use email marketing campaigns to share new listings, market updates, and tips for buyers and sellers.
    1. Social Media Engagement: Increase engagement on social media by showcasing featured properties, client success stories, and real estate tips.
    1. Partner with Local Businesses: Collaborate with local businesses like mortgage brokers, home inspectors, and moving companies to offer joint promotions and referral programs.

    I would set up my Golden Hour like this:

    G – Go to a room with a door that closes.

    O – Open your mind with 5 minutes of journaling.

    L – Lead with the Marketing Task (15 minutes – rotates daily – see top of this post for an example).

    D – Do the first Simple Six project. My first ARM project (above) is Provide comprehensive relocation services that include area tours, school information, and settling-in assistance. I would use my Golden Hour time to compile area maps, area school lists, area church lists, and an amenities list. Then I would make a list of all service providers that a new homeowner would need (including cleaners and lawn maintenance services) and contact each one in advance. Finally, I would set up an option to have a new homeowner pay to have their home truly move-in ready: full cleaning, small renos, lawn prepped, fridge stocked, mail forwarded, someone to meet the moving van, short-term storage booking, etc. and offer it as an add-on option.

    E – end after an hour. This list would likely take longer than one day, so I’d keep working on it for several days until it was ready, priced, and listed as an option on my website. Then I’d move on to my first LEG project.

    N – Next steps – I’d use the last 5 minutes of my Golden Hour to make a checklist for the rest of the day.

    This Simple Six session started on July 8, 2024.

    You can order the book here: www.simplesix.com

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