Daily Directive: 090524

Project Focus: HEAD

In the last step, you send an email to your new business connections that ended in a question.

The next step is to make an invitation.

If the business owner doesn’t respond to your email, that’s okay – you’ve taken them coffee, and they’re not ready for the next step.

When the business responds, that’s your cue. The next step is to make an invitation.

Reply with this email:

“That’s a great story! I’ll share it with my clients and staff. 🙂 “

Then, invite them to take the next step. Try one of these:

“Hey, do you want to come and see what we’re up to over here?”


“Just had a thought. I sometimes do free seminars on [topic]. Do you think your staff or clients would find that useful?”


“Just had an idea. Do you want to bring your staff over to [your business] sometime? I’ll show them around and introduce them to my staff – could be fun!”

Resist the temptation to offer all of the options at once – give them a clear yes-please-or-no-thanks option.

It’s up to you to decide what to offer, but it doesn’t need to be a free trial of your service. “Come on over for a free haircut!” wont’ get you more interest than “Want to come and check my place out?” will.

You don’t need to feel as if you’re tricking a neighbor into anything, but remember the purpose here IS to sell them something. Don’t be passive, and don’t be scared. You’re not trying to buy more friends – you’re trying to show someone how you can improve their life. If they say “no thanks”, then no harm done – everyone still likes one another.

This project started April 30. Start there.

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