Daily Directive: 140524

Daily Task: 15 minutes

Pick 7 pictures of smiling clients in your business.

Put them in a folder on your desktop.

Post the first to Instagram and Facebook.

Use ChatGPT to write a caption. Include a clear call to action.

Schedule the remaining 6 (or as many as you can in the 15-minute block).

Project Focus: HEAD

Open the voice recorder on your phone.

Pretend I’m interviewing you.

My first question: “Tell me the story of your business.”

Hit ‘record’.

Tell me the story of your business: what got you started? What were the hard parts? What got you to where you are now?

You have 5 minutes. End the recording when you’re done. Make sure you save it with the title “The Story of My Business”.

Send the recording to your laptop.

Repeat the steps for a second interview. This time, the question is:

“Why did you want to start this business?”

You don’t need to talk the listener into buying from you; it’s not an advertisement. It’s just a story to help people relate to you. Be transparent.

Repeat the steps to name, save and send the episode to your laptop.

Tomorrow, we’ll set up a distribution channel.

This is called “Quickcasting”, and it’s a very easy way to start brand marketing.

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