Daily Directive: 150524

Daily Task: 15 minutes

Post to Instagram and Facebook using the pictures and captions you made yesterday.

Finish scheduling the rest of your posts for the week.

Project Focus: HEAD

Today we’re continuing the setup of your Quickcast (a 5-minute podcast) from yesterday.

The next step is to set up a distribution channel. You need someone to take your recording and share it with Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favorite podcasting service.

I recommend Captivate.fm for QuickCasts. Captivate acts like a middleman between you and the podcast directories that publish your work (like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.)

Captivate is easy to use. Here’s how to set up an account.

There are other options, too, but you can always migrate your QuickCast later if you find something better. I use Captivate for four different QuickCasts that I record each week.

Your job today is to set up your QuickCast on Captivate and link it to three services (like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and one other.)

Here’s how to get your QuickCast, hosted on Captivate, to be published on Spotify.
Here’s how to get your QuickCast, hosted on Captivate, to be published on Apple Podcasts.
(Those are the most important two, by far.)

Finally, copy your RSS feed and share it in the BusinessIsGood Facebook group. 🙂

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