Daily Directive: 170524

Daily Task: 15 minutes

Schedule your social media for next week.
Choose 1 picture for each day, and write a short post for it.
Include the hashtags for your business and city.
Monday: promote your QuickCast. Share a link.
Tuesday: ask your audience a question
Wednesday: share Monday’s blog post.
Thursday: start a DM conversation.
Friday: share Wednesday’s blog post.
Saturday: tell a client or coach story.
Sunday: post a preview of next week.
Enter your posts in your scheduling software.

Project Focus: HEAD

This week, we’ve been setting up your QuickCast. Instructions began here.

Today, we’re going to share your QuickCast with your audience.

Open Captivate or your podcast hosting software.

Select your podcast.

Click “Copy RSS Feed”.

Open Instagram.

Click “Create”, then “Post”.

Write a short description – you don’t have to be fancy. Include “link in comments” and hashtags for your business, service and city.

Hit “Share”.

Click on the post you just made.

In the comments, enter the link to your podcast.

Hit “Enter”.

Now repeat this process on Facebook and LinkedIn – but on those platforms, you can share the link right in the post instead of in the Comments section. Like this:

Make sure you add a picture before publishing. 🙂

Then open your email software.

Click “Send email”.

Click “select all” (or filter for people who are on your list but not part of your lead-nurture sequence.)

Use the same text as in your social media posts. No need to get fancy.

Hit “SEND”.


We can dive into the weeds of optimal messaging on social media, or copywriting for effective emails – but those things are only 20% of the work. The most important part – the 80% – is just posting. You’ve done it!

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