Daily Directive: 180524

Daily Task: 15 minutes

Take 10 client pictures or record 2 video interviews.

Project Focus: HEAD

Make a list of 30 interview questions and begin recording 1-2 QuickCasts each week.
As with the first week, pretend I’m interviewing you; hit “record” on your phone; and just answer the question, even if it’s a short answer.
Upload your QuickCasts and distribute them according to the “Daily Tasks” schedule.

Here are 30 to get you started. As you build the skill of producing content, you’ll probably come up with better questions on your own:

Here are 30 more questions tailored for talking to clients and staff:

  1. What new products or services are we excited about?
  2. How do we ensure we meet your needs and expectations?
  3. What improvements are we currently working on?
  4. How do we handle your feedback and suggestions?
  5. What makes our team unique?
  6. How do we ensure the quality of our customer service?
  7. What is our company culture like?
  8. How do we stay connected with our customers?
  9. What sets us apart from our competitors?
  10. How do we handle challenges and setbacks?
  11. What are our core values?
  12. How do we support our local community?
  13. What motivates our team to deliver their best?
  14. How do we keep our team informed and engaged?
  15. What training do we provide to our staff?
  16. How do we celebrate team achievements?
  17. What are our goals for the upcoming year?
  18. How do we approach sustainability and environmental responsibility?
  19. How do we ensure the safety and well-being of our team?
  20. What are some recent successes or milestones we’ve achieved?
  21. How do we innovate and stay ahead in our industry?
  22. What feedback have we received that has led to positive changes?
  23. How do we handle customer complaints or issues?
  24. What upcoming events or promotions should you know about?
  25. How do we maintain transparency and trust with our clients?
  26. What does a typical day look like for our team?
  27. How do we support professional development for our staff?
  28. What are our most popular products or services, and why?
  29. How do we prioritize your needs and preferences?
  30. What is our vision for the future of our company?

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