Daily Directive: 210524

Daily Task: 15 minutes

Write one blog post or record one QuickCast.


Project Focus: LEG

The most undervalued growth strategy is keeping your clients longer.

Your “LEG” is your “length of engagement” – how long the average client buys from your business.
You can’t help them solve their problem if they don’t use your service.
The first step to improving LEG is setting up a recurring membership service.

Today, pull out your client list and find the clients who have had the best results with your business over time.
How often do they use your service?

Build a recurring subscription option to match their attendance.

If you have a personal training business, and the clients who come four times per week get the best results, set up a membership that includes four personal training sessions per week. Charge monthly or biweekly. Get rid of “book when you can” scheduling and punch cards.
If you have a grocery delivery business, set up a membership option for weekly or biweekly deliveries.
If you have a pet-walking business, set up a monthly subscription that bills at the beginning of the month instead of charging people per walk.
If you have a daycare business, set up a monthly rate for people who use your service every day; another rate for people who use your service three times per week; and another for people who use your service once per week. Choose the frequency based on your best clients. Raise or eliminate the drop-in rate.
If you have a cleaning business, charge a monthly rate in advance instead of billing people after you clean.
If you have a coffee shop, set up a recurring 10 cups/month membership and a 20 cups/month membership so people don’t have to remember their money.
Do not discount this price.
Print out your pricing options and put them into a binder for presentation to future clients.
The key is to change the decision a client has to make: from “should I purchase?” to “should I STOP purchasing?”

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