Daily Directive: 220524

Daily Task: 15 minutes

Distribute yesterday’s content on IG, FB, to your email list, your public FB group and Google My Business.

Project Focus: LEG

Set up software to book future appointments with clients.

Choose either Google Calendar or, if you want something more in-depth, try Acuity Scheduling.

(There are many choices out there – ignore the options you don’t need and just get scheduling started.)

Set up your appointment types on the calendar software.

For example, if you have a salon, set up different appointment types for simple cuts; perms; dyes; etc.
Make sure you set up times required for each.

When a client uses your service from now on, book them in for their next appointment before they leave.

This is the simplest way to improve LEG. As yesterday, you are switching the decision from “should I go?” to “should I NOT go?” This act alone will help a client get better results from your business. Combined with a membership option, you will help a client far more by helping them use your service longer and more often.

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