Daily Directive: 280524

Project: Set Up Your Recurring Daily Tasks

For the next 7 days, we’re going to start the Marketing tasks that you’ll repeat every week.

They are:

Monday: Publish one blog post or Quickcast.

Tuesday – Distribute Monday’s content on IG, FB, to your public FB group, your email list, and Google My Business

Wednesday – Publish one blog post or Quickcast.

Thursday – Mine your CRM

Friday- Schedule up your social media for next week. 

Saturday – take 10 client pictures or record 2 video interviews.

Sunday – send a “weekly preview” message to your staff.

Today: Distribute Monday’s Content.

Pull up your blog post or Quickcast from Monday.

(In case you want to follow along, the blog post I’m using is a daily workout post from our gym site. Here it is: https://catalystgym.com/daily-catalyst/daily-catalyst-052824/)

First stop: Instagram. (We’ll use the Desktop version, but you can do this on your phone if you prefer.)
Hit “Create” then “Post”.
Drag a picture

Write your caption. Don’t get hung up on this. Use ChatGPT to help if you need it. Just give people a reason to follow the link you’ll share next.

Add hashtags. I use the same ones every day – I just have them sitting on my Clipboard and copy them into my Instagram posts.

Copy your blog’s URL and paste it in Comments.

Now highlight the text in your Instagram post and hit “Copy” (Command+C on a Mac.)

Open your Facebook Page. (Don’t know the difference between your profile and your business page? Read here.)

Hit “Create Post” (you might have to hit “Switch” to post as your Business Profile.)

Paste the text from your Instagram post into the Facebook page post.

Remove the “link in comments” line and replace it with the URL from your blog post. Facebook allows you to link directly to an off-platform address; Instagram doesn’t.

Add your picture from Instagram.

Hit “Post”. It should look like this. Here’s a direct link to the post on the Catalyst Fitness Facebook page, in case you want to see it.

Copy all the text from your Facebook post, including the link to your blog (the URL), but not including the Hashtags.

If you have a free public group on Facebook, open it. You might have to switch back to your personal profile first.

Share your post in your free Facebook group. Don’t include the hashtags. If you have a private members’ group for your business, post it there too.

Now open your Google My Business page.

(If you can’t find it, start with www.google.com/business.)

Scroll down to “Add a post”.

Copy your post from Facebook. Include the URL to click, and the hashtags.

Scroll down to “Add a button (optional)”.
Select “Learn More” from the dropdown menu.
Paste the URL of your blog post into the “Link for your button” space.
Hit “Post”.

Now open your CRM (or whatever you use to send emails to your email list.) I’ll share screenshots from Gym Lead Machine (the CRM I use for my gym) but yours could look quite different. The goal here is to send a short email to your list. These can be longer – they don’t have to be a quick link to your website. If someone’s on your email list, they’ve probably already been to your website. Use your email list for clearer calls to action, like “Book a free consultation” – something that moves the client from “paying attention” to “paying money”.

Click “Contacts” (or however you get to your email list in your software).

Click “Send Email” (or “New Email”, or however you start writing a new email in your software).

You might have to select a list of contacts first. If your email software allows you to use filters, I’d exclude everyone who’s been on your list for less than 30 days. They’re probably already in an automated email sequence, so there’s no purpose in interrupting your automations with another CTA. But if this is confusing, don’t worry about it – send the email to everyone.

Notice the clear Call to Action (with a clickable link) at the bottom.

Hit “SEND”.

This probably took you a full hour. But after you practice a few times, you’ll be able to do it in 15 minutes.
And you’ve achieved a lot: you’ve shared your content on three social media platforms AND to your email list.

You’ll repeat this list every Tuesday.

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