Daily Directive: 300524

Project: Set Up Your Recurring Daily Tasks

For the next 7 days, we’re going to start the Marketing tasks that you’ll repeat every week.

They are:

Monday: Publish one blog post or Quickcast.

Tuesday – Distribute Monday’s content on IG, FB, to your public FB group, your email list, and Google My Business

Wednesday – Publish one blog post or Quickcast.

Thursday – Mine your Leads.

Friday- Schedule up your social media for next week. 

Saturday – take 10 client pictures or record 2 video interviews.

Sunday – send a “weekly preview” message to your staff.

Today: Mine Your Leads.

We’re going to go mining for leads in four ways:

DM 5 followers on Instagram; 

send 5 emails to former clients; 

Initiate Sell by Chat with 5 clients on Facebook

and text leads who didn’t convert.

If you’re not sure how to do these, ask your mentor. The quick version:

1 – Find your 5 newest followers on Instagram.

Start a conversation.

Invite them to visit you (not a free trial, not a coupon, an invitation.)

2 – Send emails to 5 former clients.

Subject line: Hey [name]

Body: Are you still interested in improving your [problem] before summer?

3 – Start Sell by Chat on Facebook
Chatting through DM is how people have most of their conversations now. Most people will NOT have personal conversations in the public areas of social media; you need to start a private message if you want to help them.
Following the “help first” ethos, start a conversation in your private Facebook group or with your public profile followers. Ask questions until you know how to help them best. Many times, the service you sell IS the best way to help them. Other times, it’s a free resource. Just remember: “help first” means keeping their best outcomes in mind, NOT just letting them collect free stuff. Many people will use information to delay the action that will actually get them the result.

4 – Text leads who didn’t convert.

If you open your CRM or your booking software, you’re sure to find people who booked an NSI but didn’t sign up.

Sometimes this was because they didn’t understand your product, but most often it’s simply because the timing wasn’t right. 80% of the time, they didn’t buy from someone else – they just didn’t buy at all. It’s our duty as entrepreneurs to reach out our hand an invite them to take action NOW.

Just start with “Hey [firstname]”

When they respond, we’d say:

“Still interested in [your solution]?”

If they’re still not ready to sign up, I’d ask “What’s holding you back?”

As you develop your communications skills, you’ll get better at these conversations – but it’s never slimy or misleading, you’re just guiding them to the solution to their problems.

Your mentor can help you with the specifics of finding these leads; exactly what to say; and even roleplay the conversations until you’re comfortable. For example, we give gym owners the scripts, strategies and accountability to get this DONE at Two-Brain Business, my mentorship practice for gym owners.

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