Daily Directive: 310524

Project: Set Up Your Recurring Daily Tasks

For the next 7 days, we’re going to start the Marketing tasks that you’ll repeat every week.

They are:

Monday: Publish one blog post or Quickcast.

Tuesday – Distribute Monday’s content on IG, FB, to your public FB group, your email list, and Google My Business

Wednesday – Publish one blog post or Quickcast.

Thursday – Mine your Leads.

Friday- Schedule up your social media for next week. 

Saturday – take 10 client pictures or record 2 video interviews.

Sunday – send a “weekly preview” message to your staff.

Today: schedule your social media posts for next week.

The best way to make your social media posting quick each morning is to plan it in advance.

This plan is called an “editorial calendar”, and we provide one to every client in Two-Brain. It’s a spreadsheet.

On the calendar, you’ll see a row for each day, and a column for each type of media planned (one column for a picture, one for a caption, and one for a call to action.) Then you’ll also have a column with check-boxes for each platform you use: one for Instagram, one for Facebook, and one for Google My Business, for example. While the platforms will change in the future, your media will not; and making the same post on all platforms will save you a lot of time.

The editorial calendar should also have your common hashtags listed for easy copy-and-pasting, and a link to your No-Sweat Intro too.

Here is a week’s worth of themes to get you started:

Monday: Post a picture of a smiling client with a testimonial about their progress. Call to action: Book a No-Sweat Intro to get started (link).

Tuesday: Distribute Monday’s post on all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn). Call to action: read the post or listen to the quickcast.

Wednesday: Share a short video of a trainer demonstrating a new exercise or workout tip. 

Thursday: Post an infographic with nutrition tips or a healthy recipe. Call to action: Book a No-Sweat Intro to get started (link).

Friday: Share a motivational quote with a high-quality image of the gym or a workout session. Call to action: Book a No-Sweat Intro to get started (link).

Saturday: Highlight a staff member, sharing their role at the gym and a fun fact about them. 

Sunday: Share a success story of a member, highlighting their journey and achievements. Call to action: Book a No-Sweat Intro to get started (link).

Your editorial calendar should look like this:

Remember to paste your commonly-used hashtags and a link to your NSI booking in the document for easy cut-and-paste access.

You can use AI to generate some of these captions for you. For example, you can upload a picture and have ChatGPT find a matching motivational quote. Other software will create the infographics for you, or condense a client story into an attention-grabbing post. 

Some CRM software will allow you to build these posts in advance right on the platform, and then auto-post them to your social media platforms for you.

Finally, some social media platforms, like Facebook, allow you to set up your posts in advance. You can simply build the posts and schedule them 


The point to having these done in advance is that it will make posting easy and fast next week. And then you can use the rest of your Golden Hour to work on larger projects, knowing that your base-level marketing is loaded and ready.

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