How I Build Curriculum

As business mentors how do we build curriculum – and how do we create generations of clients whose performances improve upon those that came before them? Business Is Good with Chris Cooper, and today’s topic provides insight into how we create content, how we audit that content, and how we then upgrade it.

Much like the story of the tortoise and the hare, we need something or someone to compete with and measure ourselves against. Building curriculum that we improve upon with each generation of clients, and then auditing that content and improving upon it, allows us to set ever higher benchmarks for our clients.

With each generation of clients, we are introducing new hares into the race. And the goal is for them to exceed your standards, and surpass your estimations. That’s good business mentorship.

Let’s learn how we can identify what content we should be teaching, how we test that content to know if it’s any good, how we build courses around that content, and also how we audit ourselves so that we can all improve. Let’s dive into the show.

“If you’re coaching anything, you need to outgrow this mindset that the best experiences and ideas and stories and concepts and courses have to come from you. Eventually, your clients will improve on your best tactics and tools.”

~ Chris Cooper.

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