“How Do You Produce SO Much Content?”


  • Content marketing and producing high-quality content.0:03
    • Chris Cooper produces 20 published pieces of content per week through podcasts, videos, and blogs.
  • Daily habits for business growth through writing.1:56
    • Chris Cooper prioritizes daily tasks to grow his business, starting with morning pages to clear his mind and write 750 words.
    • For Chris, writing is a form of meditation, helping him focus and produce content consistently.
  • Meditation and writing habits for productivity.4:24
    • Chris Cooper values meditation and journaling as ways to clear his mind and produce content, but finds it easier to stick to a routine when he has a scorecard to track his progress.
    • Cooper teaches a strategy called the “power of 10” to improve content over time, which involves producing a certain quantity of content and then reviewing and improving it.
  • Creating content based on audience feedback.6:20
    • Chris Cooper identifies topics that generate the most feedback and questions from his audience, and creates more content on those topics to provide value and engagement.
    • By breaking down complex topics into smaller, more manageable pieces, Chris can create a virtuous cycle of content creation and audience engagement.
  • Content creation, editing, and communication.8:34
    • Chris Cooper notices opportunities for content creation by paying attention to details in his daily life.
    • Chris Cooper emphasizes the importance of producing high-quality content consistently for 100 days to improve communication skills and build trust with the audience.
    • He encourages listeners to join the Business is Good community on Facebook to discuss and improve their content creation skills with other entrepreneurs.

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