How to Get Big Results In 1/10th The Time

If you could spend 1 hour doing something – or 10 hours – and get the same results, which one would you pick? Of course, most of us would choose one hour. But in truth, in business, that rarely happens.

As business owners, we have often been brought up with a job mindset, believing that the harder we work at our jobs, the more successful we will be.

The reality is that our job, as owners, is to focus on outcomes: how do we put those first, and what are the fastest ways to get there?

Shifting our mindset involves learning not to feed the amygdala (that part of our brain that feeds off our ‘fight or flight’ problems) as a CEO or entrepreneur, i.e. looking for problems to solve and stressors to resolve.

Rather, we need to be more strategic in our approach to how we reinvest our time and set future outcomes that will help us grow our business – and accurately reflect a worthwhile return on our time investment.

Chris is hammering home an appreciation that your greatest asset is your time, and that from there you need to figure out the fastest way to get to your business outcomes in order to see real growth. Let Chris show you how to work smarter, not harder in this enlightening episode of Business Is Good.

“As an owner, you invest your time (which is your most valuable asset) to get an outcome back.”

  • Chris Cooper.

In This Episode:

  • Why your job as an owner is to produce outcomes (not to produce work)
  • Why we think we need to keep working really hard in business to achieve success
  • How to focus on outcomes to put them first – and find the fastest ways to get there
  • Thinking like an investor as a CEO – learning to reinvest your time in future business endeavors
  • Ask yourself: what is your Return on Time (ROT)?
  • How to work out your Effective Hourly Rate

And more!

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