How To Start a Mindset Practice

Successful leaders have two things in common:

1. Experience leading (we all screw it up a few times); and
2. A daily practice for aligning their mind.

Only time can deliver the first. But this is a perfect time for leaders to develop a daily mindset ritual.

This could mean meditation. It could mean prayer. It could mean Flow State exercise or getting into “the zone” on a 5k jog.

My daily practice includes writing at least 750 words, and cycling at least an hour per day.

The cycling is challenging enough to keep me fit and buffer stress chemicals. On a climb, it demands 100% of my attention, which gives my head a break from the stress of business. But it’s also fun. It makes me happy.

The writing is a form of meditation. I struggle to sit silently; the small movement of my fingers on keys keeps my body busy. Putting words in order helps me organize my thoughts for the day.

I use apps to help with both: for writing, and for cycling. But both are prescribed and guided by my coach.

A daily mindset habit doesn’t have to mean an hour per day. It doesn’t have to mean buying special mats or lighting candles. It just means trying things.

The Mental Health Plan (from my friend Colm O’Reilly) starts with one minute per day.

The Wellness Groove (from my friend Craig Hysell) has a step-by-step habits masterclass to get you started.

The world has changed. You’re going to be at home more. That means you’re going to spend more time in your own head. Housekeeping is essential.

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