Not a Not-For-Profit

My goal is to donate $1 million dollars per year, every year, for the rest of my life. gives its profits to people and organizations promoting entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

We can raise more money, faster, as a for-profit business than as a not-for-profit. Nonprofits and charities have boards of directors. They have meetings and committees and government filings. These things reduce focus and speed.

I also believe that good businesses should be profitable. The reward for risk taken is the primary catalyst of our free market economy. Profit is a signal of value: if a business is not profitable, then the value it provides its clients is questionable. Running a nonprofit, though noble, is not really what I’m passionate about. will create value for its clients and profit to promote entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

This platform will publish books, courses, seminars and other high-value products. The profit generated will be donated.

Watch for our first book, “The Simple Six”, before the end of the year!

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