Do one thing to grow your business, every day, before you do anything else.

This is perhaps the greatest message I’ve ever received from Seth Godin.

It helped to me to understand, in 2009, that being a great coach wouldn’t really help me beat business bankruptcy.

I learned that I had to show up, every day, and work ON my business.

Not because I’d learned a new trick; not because I felt especially inspired; but because it was 5:30am and that’s what time I worked on my business.

Every coach needs to solve this problem for their clients.

They know they need to write their SOPs. They know they need to publish an email. They know they need to make a sales binder for their prices.

But they’re not doing it, and it’s not just a matter of motivation. It’s a matter of time.

Teaching people how to make the time to do the work that will grow your business is critical.

They’ll never “find the time”. Show them how to make time.

Here’s Seth reading the original episode:

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