Recession Proof: Find a Tribe

by David Allen

It’s hard to think logically during times of stress.

In fact, when we’re in any type of pain, our immediate goal is to remove that pain as quickly as possible. But that’s sometimes not the best decision.

The importance of being surrounded by the right people is never more evident than during difficult times. Having a good tribe provides you people lean on, but more importantly, they provide you clarity and objectivity when you’re having difficulty seeing through your own emotions.

A good tribe will help you point your focus on the things you can change, instead of allowing you to blame others outside the tribe. The wrong tribe will allow you to blame the government, the economy, or people who don’t really control your future. The wrong tribe are enablers.

A poor tribe will continually pull you and the rest of the group down through a consistent focus on placing blame outside of the group while a strong tribe will consistently bring each other up by focusing attention on addressing and improving the shortcomings of each individual within the group.

Find the right tribe.

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