Brand and Direct Marketing, Part 2

There are two types of marketing. Brand Marketing is your long term play. Direct Marketing is your short term play. In the second episode of this 2-part series, I’ll walk you through Direct Marketing.

Brand and Direct Marketing, Part I

In a perfect world, a business goes through four phases:

Ideation – you craft your original idea, test and tweak it until you have good product-market fit.

Income – you build your business to give you a good predictable income.

Investment – you build your team to give you time freedom. And you build your wealth to give you financial freedom.

Impact – you build your community.
But during that process, she began sharing her lessons with other entrepreneurs (as I did.) That unlocked a new passion for coaching small businesses to help them avoid the mistakes she made…and scale up faster.

Taryn’s in a unique position: she’s a popular mentor in my mentorship practice for gyms, AND she’s successfully opened her own practice to help other types of businesses. Many have tried to do it, but Taryn is successful. In this episode, you’ll see why.

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