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The Entrepreneurial “Rest Day”

Today on the podcast, Business Mentor Ashley Haun shares the importance of rest for entrepreneurs, highlighting three types of rest: physical, emotional, and mental.

Daily Directive: 180424

Every day, do one thing to grow your business before you do anything else.
Here’s your “one thing” for today.

Stay In Your Lane

What limits your business from being successful? It’s all the other ideas that you have.

The ADHD Advantage

Many entrepreneurs will tell others they “have ADD” or have a “slight case of attention-deficit disorder”.

But most don’t: they’re just scattered. They’re trying to multitask instead of focusing. They’re unclear on what to do next in their business. They love starting things, but not finishing; they’re usually juggling a dozen things in their head at once; their workday is incredibly long, but they rarely finish everything.

Strategies, Tactics and Skills

After working with over 1800 gyms worldwide, we know that our program can get a gym amazing results.Our strategies are commonly used in huge businesses. Our tactics are specific to the fitness industry, and tested relentlessly. Every tool, every template,

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