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How To Beat AI

We content creators live in a miraculous time. We can talk to more people than ever before in history. The power of marketing is astronomically stronger than it’s ever been. Our audience knows no geographical limit. The real foundation for

Our “Basics” Are Not Their “Basics”

This is a fantastic story from Josh McKiterick of Rockstar Trainers. Josh is working with me to audit and improve our curriculum in my mentorship practice, Two-Brain Business. Josh was visiting Vietnam for a wedding. He took his young family

Top Tips for Speakers

To be a better leader, I know need to present my case better. That means being more succinct in my message; more focused in my presentation; and carry more bass in my voice. 🙂 These are all lessons I’ve learned

Why We’re Capping our Mentorship Practice

We currently have 868 gyms in Two-Brain Business, my mentorship practice for gym owners.We’re going to cap it at 1000. I’m Chris Cooper, and this is BusinessIsGood. Today, I’m going to tell you why we’re capping membership in my mentorship

The 5-Step Staff Training Plan

No matter what field you’re in, you can build a staff training program following these five steps. If you’re a business coach, you can help your clients do the same. Take this model and apply your own branding. First, a

How to Get Big Results In 1/10th The Time

If you could spend 1 hour doing something – or 10 hours – and get the same results, which one would you pick? Of course, most of us would choose one hour. But in truth, in business, that rarely happens.

Business Coaches and Mentors

Many people use the term “Business Coach” and “Business Mentor” interchangeably. However, there are distinct differences.  Business coaches help entrepreneurs overcome short-term obstacles in their business. They apply models from their coaching toolkit to the situation to help the entrepreneur

Building An Ascension Model

If you want to keep clients around longer, you have to give them a “next level” to aspire toward. And if you want them to make consistent progress, you have to give them ONLY the right content at the right

The A-B-C Content Framework

How to Consistently Produce Better and Better Content.In this episode, I tell you how to produce content for YouTube, your Podcast, your blog AND your social media…all at once!Then I tell you how to use the media you produce to

Partnerships and Sponsorships

BiG Podcast – Partnerships and Sponsorships Mon, Mar 13, 2023 8:11AM • 17:44 SUMMARY KEYWORDS audience, website, product, gym, building, recommendation, people, clients, business, bike, partnership, recommend, booth, owners, company, test, trek, podcast, local bike shop, sell I will pay

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